Messin’ around with my new nifty 50! Low light at a local music jam.

My hubby was asked to fill in as a guest drummer for a jam we frequent at Dave's of Milton here in Washington state. Since I usually don't get the chance now-a-days to see him play when I am not on stage in front of him singing, I thought I would use this opportunity to try out my new Canon 50mm 1.4 that I just picked up at a local camera shop a few days ago.

Famous words from a camera store salesman, "You're really going to like this lens!"

Duh...well...I was hoping that I would. That is why I bought it, right? 🙂

But he was so spot on!!! Thanks sales guy! I kept smiling shot after shot as I realized that my camera was actually capturing these pics with great exposure even though the lighting was not "photography friendly." There was one main source of lighting off of stage left fully illuminating the bass players head and side lighting center stage while the guitar on the opposite side and the drums in the back were considerably darker.

Gotta say, having the prime lens with a wide open aperture is great for achieving a good exposure but I sure did miss having the ability to zoom in real tight and pull back nice and wide without having to change lenses or physically back way up, and the price tag on a lens that would satisfy that for me is just not in the cards right now.

Note to self: New goal...replace my tele/zoom lenses for more expensive versions w/a wider aperture ASAP!

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